Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Zoological Gardens & Snippets of Dublin Heritage

Their is not a citizen of Dublin's fare city that those not hold fond memories of a childhood day out at Dublin Zoo. One of the oldest zoos in the world, established in 1830 when Lord Lieutenant of Ireland granted the zoological society use of a portion of Phoenix Park; the purpose of creating a menagerie. The area of the zoo was three and half acres, and with an additional four acres of lake. The architect of London Zoo Decimus Burton prepared plans for the Dublin Zoo for a fee of £75.

In 1841 an admission price of a penny was introduced and more than 81,000 people paid for entrance to the zoo. In 1844 the zoo received its first giraffe and in 1855 it bought its first pair of lions. Most famous loin of Dublin Zoo can be seen on the MGM Logo, the lion was filmed in Dublin zoo. The Zoo has-had some success in breeding lions. In fact, from 1857 to 1965, some 593 cubs were born in Dublin Zoo; more than any other zoo in the world.

In 1994 the minster for finance, Bertie Ahearn TD, approved a massive £15 million investment for Dublin's zoological gardens over ten years. Which seen the development of the African Plans. The new area allows animals of African origin to roam more freely. This investment has made the zoo one of the most popular tourist attraction in Dublin City. Furthermore, if you are planning to visit the zoo, there are many other historic attractions within walking distance. Collins Barracks Museum, and the Wellington Monument Phoenix Park visitor center is ideal for picking up information on heritage attractions in the area.

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