Friday, 22 June 2012

HISTORICAL DUBLIN Edward Carson Patriot Unionist

As we approach the centenary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant, let's trust that our City; Dublin. Remembers one of its native citizens Sir Edward Carson. MP for Trinity College Dublin for 26 Years, liberal Conservative who campaigned in the imperial parliament for the establishing and funding, for a Roman Catholic university UCD. He drafted the first rule book on the game of hurling for the GAA. A man who did not hold one bit of sectarianism in him. A man who believed that the future economic, and social stability of Ireland lay within the Union of the United Kingdom. As a young boy he would quoit the words of the late William Pitt in the House of Commons on 22 January 1799 in which Pitt made his case for the passage of the Union. Pitt said.

Let Ireland be blended with us, let her partake of every solid benefit, of every eminent advantage that could result from such an incorporation. She should be given a full participation in the wealth, power and stability of the British Empire.

Edward Carson loved his native City and his country. 'A real Irish Patriot'. Edward Carson (Blackstaff Classics)
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